Consumer Opinion on Animal Cloning


September 2007:
Food Biotechnology: A Study of U.S. Consumer Trends, 2007 Report. International Food Information Council
Favorable opinion about animal cloning has increased five percent in the last year.

December 2006:
Consumer Knowledge, Attitudes, Beliefs and Purchase Intent Regarding Food from the Offspring of Cloned Animals. Center for Nutrition and Agriculture Policy
More than 6 out of 10 people would buy or consider buying food derived from clones or their offspring.

November 2006:
Hallman, W. K., & Condry, S. C.. Public Opinion and Media Coverage of Animal Cloning and the Food Supply: Executive Summary. Food Policy Institute. Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick NJ, 08901. FPI Research Report: RR-1106-011 (.pdf)
Public opinion is “soft” on cloning, meaning that it quickly moves in a positive or negative direction depending on other available information.

October 2005:
KRC Research. Topline Poll Results and Questionnaire. (Word document)
About 7 in 10 of those surveyed would buy or consider buying food from clones and their offspring.

November 2005:
Sosin & Richards. What Will Consumers Do? Understanding Consumer Response When Meat and Milk From Cloned Animals Reach Supermarkets. KRC Research. (Word document)
Responses to poll questions do not translate to buying behavior.

December 1998:
Aldrich & Blisard. Consumer Acceptance of Biotechnology. Current Issues in Economics of Food Markets. Agriculture Information Bulletin No. 747-01. (PDF)
Current Issues in Economics of Food Markets. Agriculture Information Bulletin No. 747-01. (PDF). USDA researchers analyze how responses to poll questions do not translate to buying behavior in the case of rBST.

Press Coverage

November 09, 2005:
Most consumers would consider cloned meat, says study. Food Navigator USA

November 08, 2005:
Most consumers would consider buying food from clones: poll. Food Chemical News

November 04, 2005:
Americans split over buying cloned meat, milk-poll. Reuters