About Us

CloneSafety.org is committed to providing the public and the press with timely and accurate information about animal cloning that is backed by rigorous scientific research.

The website is sponsored by Bovance, Cyagra, stART Licensing, Trans Ova Genetics, and ViaGen, Inc., the world’s premier animal cloning and livestock genetics companies, in cooperation with the Biotechnology Industry Organization and leading scientists.


Cyagra, Trans Ova Genetics and ViaGen scientists have cloned more species and a greater total number of animals than any other companies or academic institutions. Their staff scientists include the global leaders in animal cloning and work with the top researchers worldwide. stART Licensing, a joint venture of Exeter Life Sciences and Geron, Inc., owns the rights to the
intellectual property used to clone Dolly, the world’s first cloned mammal, and subsequent improvements. Bovance is a bovine industry joint-venture between Trans Ova Genetics and ViaGen